Saturday, July 09, 2011

Sunday Snippets--A Catholic Carnival

I'd like to welcome everyone to Sunday Snippets--A Catholic Carnival.  We are a group of Catholic bloggers who gather weekly to share our best posts with each other.  To particpate, go to your blog and create an entry titled Sunday Snippets--A Catholic Carnival.  In it, highlight one or more of your posts from the past week that you believe would be of interest to Catholic bloggers---whether they are posts reflecting on spiritual matters or posts about antics of Catholic kids, or anything in between.  Come back here and enter the URL of that post below.  Finally, go visit other participants, and leave comments!  If you want a weekly reminder to post, join our yahoogroup.

This week I read a really good book about some Biblical women, Liz Curtis Higgs' Bad Girls of the Bible.   How about you?


  1. RAnn, I am going to check out that book you read. I posted this week - Come to Me and Our God of Second Chances. God bless!

  2. That looks like an interesting book you reviewed, RAnn.

    Thanks, as always, for hosting this each week!

  3. Thanks so much for hosting, RAnn!
    This week I have a post about Independence Day, a link to a heartbreaking article, the latest addition to my collection, and, of course, my weekly reading list.

  4. RAnn, FOCUS will be at 1 school in Louisiana this fall, UL-Lafayette. This week I wrote about a Holy Family Pilgrimage I went WI!!

  5. Once again you have my thanks RAnn for hosting this carnival.

    My thoughts this week led to a prayer poem to the Powerful Babe, Who was both God and Man,and a King, Priest and Prophet from the beginning, though as small and dependent as any baby in the womb of its mother.

  6. Thanks for hosting, RAnn! Lots of stuff this week at Bedlam or Parnassus. We have posts on leadership and basketball, epistemology and the eucharist, Casey Anthony and Latin, the U.S. Senate and ancient Rome, and the Federalist Papers. Come by, check it out, and leave a few comments along the way!

  7. Sorry it took so long to post today. Hope you all had a great Sunday!

    This week was an exciting week at the Well. We listened to Lincoln Portrait, looked at a historic miniature that may be the first portrait of Lincoln ever painted, Read A Dream Deferred and prayed Psalm 51.

  8. Anonymous12:01 AM

    Thanks for hosting, RAnn. I posted three new poems last week, along with one by my former professor, the late Jack Myers.

    Joanna -- enjoyed your poem dedicated to the unborn Jesus.


  9. Thanks for hosting.

    My post this week expresses frustration with my parish deacon who facilitates our Little Rock Scripture Study.

    Please come over and help me reconcile my reaction and thoughts.



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