Saturday, November 04, 2006

Ask and Ye Shall Recieve

My son was assigned a term paper last week. That means that I'm about to learn everything I ever wanted to know (and more) about the Minoans and the Egyptians of the Middle Kingdom. Without a high level of supervision this paper would not get written, it is just that simple. Unfortunately, he requires a high level of supervision on almost all of his homework, and I'm the supervisor. I'm getting tired of it.

He had the day off Friday because he sold (we bought) raffle tickets. The kids who did not had to set up for Open House. All the kids are off Monday. Before I went to work yesterday I left him a list of chores, including reading the reference materials I helped him find Thursday night, finding ten facts that fit into the outline we prepared Thursday night and preparing the bibliography (they have been working on bibiographies in class and for homework so I figured he should be able to do it). I also left some household chores. He got the chores done, but practically nothing on the paper. I wasn't happy. It wasn't like he did a bad job; he didn't do anything.

This morning I went to mass. A parish near here has mass on First Saturdays with Exposition and Benediction after mass. I went to pray for patience and wisdom, among other things. I can't find the reading but it talked about different gifts and talked about the jobs needed and the gifts. As a mom I have a lot of those jobs and I pray that I may have those gifts.

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  1. Not quite as much fun as a term paper but I have homework this week. I have to make a diorama of a wigwam for 2nd grade. I am so so so tempted to let her do it on her own as I am not in 2nd grade....


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