Thursday, February 04, 2016

Review: The Friends We Keep

The Friends We Keep

About the Book:
After five years as a stay-at-home mom, Gabby Schaefer can't wait to return to work. Oh, to use the bathroom in peace! No twins clamoring at the door, no husband barging in, no stepdaughter throwing a tantrum. But when her plans are derailed by some shocking news and her husband's crushing expectations, Gabby must fight for the right to have a life of her own. 

Getting pregnant is easy for Hayley Batchelor. Staying pregnant is the hard part. Her husband is worried about the expensive fertility treatments and frantic about the threat to her health. But to Hayley, a woman who was born to be a mom should risk everything to fulfill her destiny—no matter how high the cost. 

Nicole Lord is still shell-shocked by a divorce that wasn't as painful as it should've been. Other than the son they share, her ex-husband left barely a ripple in her life. A great new guy tempts her to believe maybe the second time's the charm…but how can she trust herself to recognize true love? 

My Comments:
...and they all lived happily ever after.  Given that the book is classified as "women's fiction" and is written by Susan Mallery, that can't be any great spoiler.  I enjoy books about groups of women whose lives intertwine and Mallery did a good job with this one.  She also showed that there is more than one way to get what you want in life.  

The women were true friends to each other and I enjoyed joining them for their long conversations where they figured out what was wrong with themselves and others.  I liked the way they learned to stand up for themselves and their needs without ignoring the needs of those around them.  

It is mentioned that non-marital sex takes place, but we aren't watching.  

I'd like to thank the publisher for making a review copy available via NetGalley.  Grade:  B+

Sunday, January 31, 2016

It's Monday What Are You Reading

Book Date It's Monday

Hi!  Did everyone enjoy the first full weekend of carnival?  What?  Your town didn't have several parades on several different routes this weekend, with promise of more next weekend?  Yes, it's Carnival time here in New Orleans.  I was a party pooper and stayed home and read and blogged.  I also got some cooking done.  My husband collects doubloons--aluminum coins tossed from Mardi Gras floats so he spent most of the weekend on the parade route.  I like parades when the weather  is nice and we don't have to stay too long.  I may go next weekend one day, if it is warm.  

As I said, I spent the weekend blogging and reading, but the posts were for my financial planning blog and for a customer who is paying me to blog for his business.  The only book I got read was

I'll review it later this month, but I enjoyed it.  On my lunch hours I've been reading 

which so far is just a pretty basic personal finance book.  My NetGalley queue is getting longer and I need to get some read.  Maybe one of these will be up next:

Hope you have a good week.  

Friday, January 29, 2016

Book Blogger Hop: January 29-February 4

Book Blogger Hop

Book Blogger Hop is hosted at Ramblings of a Coffee Addicted Writer.  This week's question:

Can you pass by a bookstore without stopping in?

Yes.  If anything, book blogging has ruined the pleasure of going to the bookstore.  As much as I read, there is no way I could afford to feed my habit at new book stores.   Pre-blogging, I'd mostly read library books, with some used books and a very few new ones.  A bookstore gift certificate was a real treat--a chance to pick out what I wanted without guilt.  Now, with a huge backlog of NetGalleys (and plenty more available where they came from) plus whatever tour books caught my eye, plus whatever was pitched to me that I chose to catch, a bookstore just seems like more of the same.  I guess there is some truth to the military statement that familiarity breeds contempt.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

It's Monday: What Are You Reading?

Book Date It's Monday

Hope everyone is having a good week.  I'm trying to read more and this week I've got three reviews:

Talk about a tear jerker--a dying father writes his story so his daughter will be able to know him.  My Review.

My Badass Book of Saints Maria Morera Johnson

Do you see the saints a pious "good girls" that you not only can't emulate but who you don't really want to emulate?  This book tells a different story.  My review.  

A domestic violence victim learns another way of living from Quakers in the neighborhood.  My review. 

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