Thursday, July 31, 2008

Remember Me

Remember Me by Deborah Bedford is my latest read. It is about a preacher who has had a lot of things go wrong in his life lately and who returnes to a favorite childhood haunt, re-meets his first love and re-connects with God. Some Christian fiction is basically regular fiction about Christians--such as a chaste romance novel where one or both main characters are Christian but where their Christianity doesn't really play that big a role in the book. Other books are sermons packaged as stories with characters too good to be true who talk about God and quote scripture so much that anyone who doesn't share their faith is likely to be off-put. The best Christian novels, in my opinion are those in which people wrestle with God and where He fits in their lives and how they are to live out His call. Maybe I feel that way because that is my struggle. In any case this book is one of those. No one has a lightbulb salvation moment. Life doesn't get all better because someone returns to God, but God is present and the characters realize it.

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