Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Rosary

I just don't "get" the rosary. Yes, I know how to say it. Yes, I've said more than a few of them in my life. I know you are supposed to meditate on the mysteries while saying the prayers. I know some studies have shown that saying the rosary alters brain wave activities. I also know that when I say a rosary, the main thing that seems to be on my mind is finishing. I can meditate of the mysteries, but not while repeating the prayers. I can think about the prayers, but not while trying to think about the mysteries.

We are preparing to enthrone the Sacred Heart in our home. Part of that process is saying the rosary as a family for nine days. So far my kids have been pretty cooperative. I'll be glad when the nine days is over, but I am going to try to move our family prayer up a little from where it hs been since the big kids were the baby's age. Anybody got any family prayer practices they'd like to share?


  1. I wish I had some great family prayer practices to share with you. we say grace at dinner and right now that's it :( We used to say prayers before bed but that got lost when we moved to Germany two years ago.....I'm hoping to at least start something during our school day but I"m not sure what nor when.

  2. OUr family prayer time was aways in the car. I can share what my family did when I was little. My dad would lead the rosary and we would respond. It was at the dinner table- after dinner.
    Obviously it ment little to my mother- she declined a rosary to be said at his visitation (very traditional in our area).
    I do no try to meditate on the mysteries- I try to think of every word that I say-one prayer at a time. It is soothing and relaxing to me.

  3. I do understand the not 'getting' the rosary part. Maybe part of the key is not trying too hard to 'get' it.
    I remember reading someone...maybe Bishop Sheen...saying that if your mind wanders, try to get back on track but don't think you have somehow not done well enough and beat yourself up about it, thinking ‘well, if I can’t say the rosary perfectly, I won’t say it at all”. Maybe God is speaking to you in that wandering mind too.

    And thinking about 'getting it done’. Yes, that is a
    I do think we have to slow down and not think about the time, not think about how far along you are. Sometime I just pause and just try and quiet my mind and then continue on. Yes, it can be relaxing.

    Again, I think God often speaks to us in the silent moments, if we would just listen and just place ourselves in His Presence for a few minutes. I do think the rosary does help us create that time and put ourselves in His Presence in thinking about the glimpses into His life that the rosary presents.

  4. Anonymous12:47 PM

    I often feel guilty because I use the rosary as a sleeping pill. I start praying and I fall asleep pretty fast. I don't think that is what the rosary is for, but I keep telling myself that I am "resting" in Christ and that can't be bad . . .


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