Monday, March 16, 2009

Mailbox Monday

Mailbox Monday is hosted by Marica over at The Printed Page. Go see what everyone got this week!

My mailbox has been full this week. Here is what I got:

Side-Yard Superhero from Elizabeth at Phenix & Phenix. I reviewed it here, but here is what Amazon has to say:
Product Description
'I know where Bernie Jones is.'With one late-night phone call, Rick Niece is transported back over forty years to cherished childhood memories of small town DeGraff, Ohio. His daily newspaper route, the sights and wonders of a traveling carnival, the sounds of Christmas caroling-the idyllic memories all circle back to one special relationship.To Rickie, being friends with Bernie Jones was no different than being friends with any other boy in town. Bernie's physical world was confined to a wheelchair, but that didn't stop him from being an intrepid daydreamer, adventurer, and hero to Rickie. The unique friendship the boys forged defined an era in both their lives. When he left for college, Rickie promised Bernie they would meet again. Now, decades later, he is making the pilgrimage back to Ohio to fulfill that promise.

The Whittaker Family Reunion came from the author, Shirley Roe, via Bostick. Amazon has this to say about it: The Whittaker Family Reunion takes readers back to 1881 and the family is reunited once again. Martha and Jeremy await the arrival of their two sons, Abraham from Mississippi and Ezekiel, from England. The third son Isaac lives near St. Louis and is anxious to see his brothers again. Daughter Anna is spoiled and nothing but trouble. Abraham arrives with a woman, much to the family's surprise. Ezekiel makes a narrow escape in England. Will the reunion be a happy one? Who will leave St. Louis in disgrace? Will Martha get to spend time with her entire family before tragedy strikes? The reunion is shadowed by another man, one seeking revenge; will he get what he wants? Will he kill one or all of them?

Miriam Parker at Hatchette sent me Fifty Is Not a Four-Letter Word, about which Amazon said "As Hope Lyndhurst-Steele approaches her 50th birthday, although she "has it all"--top magazine job, wonderful husband, loving son, many friends--fifty still feels like a four-letter word. But she doesn't know just how low she can go."

Finally, from the Thomas Nelson program, I got In the Footsteps of Paul which is a coffee-table book that follows St. Paul's life. It is filled with photos showing what that part of the world looks like today and includes scripture quotes indicating why the place was photographed. It looks beautiful; a more full review will follow shortly.


  1. These books all sound good and the last one sounds beautiful. Enjoy and happy Monday!

  2. Sounds like you got a nice haul last week. Enjoy them!

  3. I'm waiting for Whittaker and Fifty. Hope you enjoy them all! My mailbox is up.

  4. Sounds like you got some interesting books this week :)
    Have fun reading them

  5. great list of books...happy reading.

    here's my mailbox:

  6. Thank you for stopping by the mailbox this week. 'Side-Yard Superhero' was in my mailbox also. I gave up on 'Fifty is a Four-Letter Word'. Hope you enjoy more than I did.


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