Monday, March 29, 2010

Children's Book Review: Bailey's Day

Bailey's DayBailey's Day is a fun book in which Bailey, a dog, shares what he does all day while his "dad", a postman, is at work.  Bailey, who lives in Phoenix AZ, begins his day with breakfast and a nap.  Then he heads out through the doggie door and chases a lizard.  Next, he climbs the fence, and meets his neighbor dog, Frankie.  They head to the pool for a swim, to the park, and to the neighborhood taco stand.  On the way home "Dad" sees them and gives them a ride, noting that he hopes they don't get out like this every day.

The first half of the book is the story, with illustrations similar to that seen on the cover.  My five year old enjoyed the story and asked a few questions about things that are different in Arizona than in Louisiana (the dogs played in the "wash" which looked to me like a dry canal).  The second half of the book is photographs of the real Bailey, the author's dog.  She thought he was cute.  I enjoyed reading the story to her and telling her about the desert.

I'd like to thank the author, Robert Haggerty for sending me a complimentary review copy.

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