Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Posts This Year

One thing I like about the new Blogger interface is the fact that it keeps track of the number of times individual posts are accessed.  As I understand it, if you are reading this post because you check my blog every day and are able to scroll through multiple posts, you are not "counted" as having read this post.  If, however, you are reading this because you followed the Top Ten Tuesday link, or whatever other direct link to this post, or if you found it via search engine and came right here, then you are counted as having read it.  In general, my most popular posts are meme posts.  I usually to In My Mailbox and It's Monday, What Are You Reading on Monday, and I try to do Top Ten Tuesday. On Sunday, I host Sunday Snippets--A Catholic Carnival (link takes you to this week's post).

What about my content post?  What gets the most pageviews?

Wedding Dress
My Story My Song
Until Lilly
Interview with Ellen Hrkach
The Priest and the Peaches
Come My Beloved
I'm Home--and the Importance of Ritual
The Sacraments in Scripture
Atheist to Catholic

So what does that tell me?  First of all, it tells me that the longer posts are up, the greater the chance that someone has read them.  Secondly, it tells me that it helps if someone besides me is promoting my posts.  Sinner is one of my popular posts this month--and it just so happens that the bookstore from which I got it is promoting it on their blog, with a teaser from and link to my blog.  Come My Beloved and Interview with Ellen Hrkach have been extensively promoted by Ellen.  Wedding Dress and The Priest and the Peaches were parts of blog tours.  Third, I think it tells me that Sunday Snippets attracts Catholic readers,who then read my posts about Catholic books.  Fourth, sometimes someone else's bad luck is your good luck.  After yesterday's bad news, I got a bunch of  folks reading My Story My Song about Robin Robert's mom.

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  1. Although I come here because we have "known" each other for many years, Sunday snippets continues to be my favorite. I wander around after I read a few snips.


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