Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sunday Snippets--A Catholic Carnival

Hello, and welcome to Sunday Snippets--A Catholic Carnival. We are a group of Catholic bloggers who gather weekly to share our best posts with each other. To participate, go to your blog and create a post titled Sunday Snippets--A Catholic Carnival. In it, discuss and link to your posts for the week--whether they deal with theology, Catholic living or cute Catholic kids. I'm mostly a book blogger so my posts are generally book reviews, some Catholic, some not. Make sure that post links back here. Once you publish it, come back here and leave a link below.

We also have a yahoogroup; signing up for it will get you one weekly reminder to post.  Click here to sign up.

Only two reviews this week;  one of a children's book and the other a short novella in the Last Chance series.


  1. Thanks for hosting, as always!

  2. Thank you RAnn for hosting. I had a slow week as posting goes. It's good to be here again. Sunday's my day to kick back and enjoy the blog snippets.

  3. Thanks for hosting, RAnn!
    Happy birthday, Kathleen!
    This week's posts include an editorial by Fr. Frank Pavone, three homilies from Fr. Wade Menezes, a post
    about my offline collections, a picture I was thrilled to find, and, of course, my weekly book list.

  4. Thanks for hosting, RAnn. I've got a spam problem I'd like to have suggestions for solving from readers. Wish I was a geek.

  5. One of my favorite parts of the week is here, Sunday Snippets! As always, thanks for being so faithful in hosting, RAnn.

    This week I've shared my weekly goals, my review of "Come My Beloved" and in honor of my recent wedding annivesary, I've shared my husband and my courtship story.

    A blessed Sunday everyone!

  6. Thanks for hosting. My post is about an experience with the liturgy of the hours.

  7. Thanks for hosting! I posted Hungry for Jesus and Held by God's Grace.

  8. Anonymous7:46 AM

    Thanks so much for hosting, RAnn!

  9. Posts this week are about how Christians prepare for school, a Christian theory of education, and translation theories via translations of Vergil's Aeneid.

    Thanks to all the readers out there!

  10. My first time to join and my post is about the occult and deliverance prayer. I look forward to reading the rest of the posts.Thank you for hosting.


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