Monday, February 04, 2013

New Love for New Year: My Review of Countdown to First Night

About the Book:
Ten, nine, eight, seven…
Winter's Heart by Jillian Hart

Shelby Craig comes to Snow Falls for a First Night job, but secretly hopes it will be a respite from her grief and a haven for her two young kids. A sympathetic cop becomes the determined widow's staunchest ally—though helping her may break his heart.

Six, five, four…

Snowbound at New Year by Margaret Daley

This was supposed to be a done deal! Children's book author Ellie Summers came to the festival to meet her new illustrator. She didn't expect him to turn down her proposal. And then to find the obstinate man so charming… Is it wrong to hope his matchmaking twin daughters succeed?

Three, two, one…

A Kiss at Midnight by Brenda Minton

Pride is a hard thing to swallow, but Jolie Godwin does her best to ignore her grievances with Jake Wild this one time. The man is graciously letting her exhibit her artwork in his luxury resort for First Night. He seems like a good person and a devoted uncle. If only he'd always been so perfect. Because his kiss is something she can't forget….

Cue the fireworks!

My Comments:
I enjoyed these sweet clean romances, all set in a small Colorado town around New Year's Eve.  They were short and really had no subplots, just the main plots of learning to trust, taking a chance and gaining new love for a New Year.  If short sweet reads are  your thing, you'll like this book.  Grade:  B- (about the best I give formula romances).  Thanks to the publisher for making a review copy available via NetGalley.

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