Friday, November 08, 2013

Seven Quick Takes

Last night I attended an alumni event for my college, Mississippi University for Women.  It was neat to talk to a bunch of women who share a love for a great school. Isn't the campus beautiful?

Photo by Erin Gioia

Photo by Erin Gioia

It was interesting to hear the President of the University talk about enrollment and such.  They had more nursing graduates last year than they had graduates the year I graduated.  However, the "face" of the students has changed; while most of us were traditional college-aged women, today they have many more adult learners.
Well, fall has arrived; my heat kicked on this morning.  Since I like warm weather, that is not a good thing.
I haven't been doing the thankful thing on facebook but I do have so many things to be thankful for, starting with my family.
I have to shake my head at all the surprise and outrage regarding Obamacare.  If you aren't going to charge people with pre-existing conditions more, if you are going to cover all people for all things, the average person's bill is going to go up; it is the only mathematically possible scenario.  Even those subsidies have to come from somewhere and it is either us (the average citizen) or the printing press.
My shoulder is getting my better through physical therapy.  I need to join a gym or something to work some muscles I've really forgotten I have.
I've got several book reviews that may interest the 7QT crowd:  Don't You Forget About Me is Catholic fiction. The Smart Woman's Guide to Planning for Retirement has some good ideas.The Faith Understood is an introduction to Catholic theology.
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