Sunday, December 01, 2013

Kindle Freebie Review: Home for the Holidays

About the Book:
HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS - a heartwarming Christmas novella about true friendship, helping those in need, and falling in love. . .What's a girl to do when she falls in love with her lifelong best friend? Small town librarian Lauren Forrester moves to St. Louis so that handsome contractor Jeffrey Warren can find a wife without having to deal with Lauren's moods. But when Jeffrey shows up on her doorstep to convince her to come home for a country Christmas, will the hardheaded pair lose their friendship or find something even more precious?

My Comments:
I got this when it was an Amazon Freebie, though it is not free at the time I am writing this (in July).  It's an old story--they have been best friends forever.  Each is secretly in love with the other, afraid to take the next step for fear of losing the friendship.  Toss in Lauren doing a good deed for a family in distress and you have all the makings of a charming Christmas read.  Grade:  B- (sweet, charming, not very original). 

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  1. Another one for the Hallmark Channel. :)


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