Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Today's Bargain

As you have no doubt noted, I've become addicted to Bookmooch. It is so easy to browse through the offerings, push the mooch button, and have the book show up in my mailbox. The only downside is that I have to return the favor--I have to mail my unwanted books to others (and even that isn't such a downside since it keeps the shelves somewhat clear). Mailing out all those books requires packaging materials. I was perusing the after Christmas section at K-Mart the other day and found USPS bubble pack mailer envelopes, the big ones, originally priced at $1.39 for 10 cents each. I bought about 20 the other day and this morning, after using several of them (if you've mooched books from me they should be mailed tomorrow) decided to go back and see if they still had some. I try to recycle the packaging others send to me, but it is so much easier to use those nice new mailers. They had plenty, so I bought 50 of them. In other words, this week I spent $7.00 on mailers that would, if I went to the Post office, cost me over $70.00.

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