Thursday, May 29, 2008

My Review of Voice in the Wind

Voice in the Wind is the first book in a trilogy. I read the second book a couple of months ago and enjoyed it, so when I saw the chance to get a copy of this one at no cost, I jumped at it. I haven't been disappointed. As you can see from the first chapter, Francine Rivers paints a detailed picture of life in the Roman Empire. She gets into who her characters are inside rather than just how they appear on the surface. The book is Christian fiction, in the best sense of the word. The main character is a Christian Jew who is taken captive when Jerusalem falls to the Romans. The story is very much about how her faith effects her life and the lives of those around her, and it is shown not by sermon snippets but by her actions. I highly recommend the book. Much of what is sold as Christian fiction couldn't be sold to those without faith because the stories are trite and the dialogue preachy. This book could be enjoyed even by someone who didn't care a bit about religion.

You'll note I said I got the book at no cost. That new button on my sidebar will take you to the homepage of the First Blog Alliance. Basically, if you like to read Christian fiction and have a blog, you can sign up with them. They send you emails stating what books are set to be reviewed in the near future. If you want one, you email the publisher or author (an email address is given) and order a free copy. Your only obligation is to post the author bio and first chapter (they give you the code) on your blog, along with a review. Considering I review most books I read, that's no problem. Stay tuned for the next review, I just got another book in the mail today.

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