Saturday, August 07, 2010

Sunday Snippets--A Catholic Carnival

Another week of summer gone. Two of my three start school Thursday so this is uniform and school supply weekend.  I've also been very busy at work, which has cut into my reading/blogging time.

I've spent my reading time on mindless romances this week, so my only "Catholic" post was my Mailbox Monday post where I showed off a book about the Bible.

What did you post about this week?  Create a post entitled "Sunday Snippets--A Catholic Carnival and in it highlight your posts from this week.  Include a link to this post.  Then, sign Mr. Linky so we can all check it out.  Don't forget to visit other folks.  If you'd like a weekly reminder to post, join our yahoogroup. 


  1. A post of the Transfiguration yesterday.

  2. Thanks for hosting! I shared my posts on My Favorite Prayers and a Beautiful Quote and my list of blessings for this week!

  3. Thanks for the image too!

  4. Wow--yours go back early. I can't believe it's August already.

    I have a bunch of posts about the Transfiguration as well as a Novena going.

  5. Hi RAnn. It's been a while since I've left a link with you. I'm done with my book, Unto Others, and offer it free on an Adobe .pdf file from my website. It's a Catholic-based mystery. I hope anyone who likes mysteries will give it a try, and tell their friends, too! Thanks for still hosting.

  6. Thanks RAnn, it great you keep it going!

    Luuk Dominiek OP

  7. This week I posted some random thoughts and a walk down memory lane of my first nerve-wracking trip to NYC alone.

    God bless you!

  8. Thank you for including me once again. May God bless you and Our Lady protect you.

  9. I missed a week or two, and I MISSED it! This is so much fun to travel to everyone's site!
    This week I have thoughts on friends, school, and my father!

    Christine@Deep in the Heart

  10. This is my first time participating. Thanks for hosting!

    I look forward to reading everyone's posts. It's a great way to discover new Catholic blogs. :-)

    God bless you.

  11. RAnn, I don't know how my name got linked three times! I promise I only put my website once at Mister Linky this morning. He must have had some powerful magic going today. Thank's for hosting this meme. I look forward to reading fellow blogger's posts.

  12. Thanks RAnn for hosting. I tagged you with a meme this week, enjoy!


    This week on Sunday Snippets, WBN presents: Prayer, Church, and Sex.

    This week I published my first article in the new series, As For Me And My House, at Catholic Dads Online. Check it out and please leave me a note when you do!

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    * Always Attractive
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