Sunday, August 22, 2010

BookSneeze Review: Love, Charleston by Beth Webb Hart

Love, Charleston Reading the back of Love, Charleston would make you think it is a romance novel--boy meets girl etc. to happily ever after.  While Love, Charleston does have the romance intimated by the back it really isn't a romance as much as it is the story of three women and the men in their lives (though one of the women turned out to be a very minor character)

Love, Charleston explores the themes of responding to God's call, waiting for God's promised good and the sanctity of marriage.

While I found it to be a light enjoyable read, it was too ambitious, trying to cover too much ground in too few pages.  The romance got almost no pages--we know it was conducted almost entirely by email but we aren't privy to the emails and other than feeling called by God, we don't know what these two saw in each other than they hadn't seen in others.

While it seemed for a while that there would be conflict with a new pastor coming to a church that is culturally different than he is, that conflict never really materializes; it all goes too smoothly.

The main conflict comes from the thread on post-partum psychosis.  While one of the characters says before it happened that you never know what exactly goes on in other people's marriages, the husband's behavior seemed out of character for who he appeared to be before the incident.

So, in closing, I'll say it was an engaging enjoyable story, but one that left me slightly unsatisfied at the end.  Grade:  B

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  1. Love the cover, but I'm not sure about reading it. Maybe I'll see if my library has it...

  2. That may be the way to go--its not a bad book, and some folks have given it very good reviews, but I notice that you and I tend to agree about books...

  3. as behind as I am getting, I think I'll skip this one


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