Sunday, August 01, 2010

Virgin River, my review

Virgin RiverPart of being a book blogger is reading other book blogs.  On other blogs I've read about the Virgin River books by Robyn Carr and I've been wanting to try them.  I haven't seen them at my library, so this weekend I stopped at the used paperback store, and sure enough they had a big selection.  One of them I grabbed was the first in the series, Virgin River.  It is a contemporary romance set in a very small California town which is in the hills far away from everything.  Melinda is a recent widow, and a nurse-midwife.  She wants to get away from the memories and so she answers an ad to work in this small town.  When she gets there she notes that the ad was somewhat inaccurate in its descriptions, but she is convinced to stay to care for a patient.  Days turn into weeks....
He is Jack, an ex-Marine, who is trying to forget a few things himself.  He owns the local bar/restaurant and has never wanted a serious relationship with a woman.  That soon changes.

We follow Melinda as she adjust to life in this small town, makes friends, treats her patients and deals with a surprise of her own.  Virgin River is mass-market romance and there are bedroom scenes and they happen before marriage, but this isn't one of those romance novels that are nothing but romance or where the main thing binding the couple is the bedroom.  Melinda and Jack are real people who care and hurt like real people, and I"m glad they got to live happily ever after.  I have one more book to read, and unfortunately it isn't the one that I just read the first chapter of at the back of this one--well, I guess another trip to the bookstore is in order, since they don't show up on Bookmooch.

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  1. Sound pretty good... I'm hoping to do some reading on vacation.


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