Saturday, November 13, 2010

1022 Evergreen Place: My Review

1022 Evergreen Place (Cedar Cove)

Either you are familiar with Debbie Macomber's Ceder Cove series or you are not.  This is book ten in the continuing saga (soap opera) about the lives and loves of those in this small Washington town, across the Sound from Seattle.  Each book focuses on one couple, with a problem, situation etc. that they have to face, along, usually, with a romance between them.  Each book also brings you up-to-date with the characters from  other books.  Macomber is nice enough to list the characters at the front of the book so as to refresh your memory of who they are and how they fit together.  While these catch up moments are nice for continuing fans, those who haven't read the other books will certainly wonder why these miscellaneous characters show up, do little and then fall out of the story. 

The main couple in this story is Mary Jo and Mack.  Mary Jo is the mother of a baby, whose father is Ben's son, who has all but abandoned them, except to threaten to try to take custody should she try to get child support.  Mack is the son of Roy and Corrie.  He is the EMT who delivered her baby in the last book.  He is also the brother to Linnette and Gloria.  He grew  up with Linnette, who moved to North Dakota, but Gloria had been given up for adoption by Corrie, since she and Roy had broken up when she learned she was pregnant.  You get the picture--lots of intertwined lives, lots of threads to follow.  Great literature it is not, but like all Macomber's books, it is quick easy read where most folks live happily ever after. There are no sex  scenes but plenty of romance. Grade B.

I got my copy from the library.

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