Saturday, January 25, 2014

Sunday Snippets--A Catholic Carnival

Hello, and welcome to Sunday Snippets--A Catholic Carnival. We are a group of Catholic bloggers who gather weekly to share our best posts with each other. To participate, go to your blog and create a post titled Sunday Snippets--A Catholic Carnival. In it, discuss and link to your posts for the week--whether they deal with theology, Catholic living or cute Catholic kids. I'm mostly a book blogger so my posts are generally book reviews, some Catholic, some not. Make sure that post links back here. Once you publish it, come back here and leave a link below.

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Question of the week:  Yes, we are back to questions of the week.  If you check the tab on top you'll see that I have drafted questions for the rest of the year and given credit to those who inspired them.  This week's question:  Where do you get your Catholic reading material?  Church library?  Public Library?  Secular bookstore? Catholic bookstore?  Do you want to give a shout-out to a particular store? (inspired by Rochelle)

I've got a cold and it is miserably cold here (froze last two nights) so I'm spending this weekend at home.  I don't want to give this crud to my Dad and I have no desire to run the streets.  For the last few years I've gotten my Catholic reading material in the mail on on my Kindle.  There are some advantages to being a book blogger and free books are the main one.  Two bookstores that used to have blogger programs were Catholic Company and Aquinas and More.  Neither blogger program is operating now, from what I can tell.  NetGalley usually has books from Ave Maria Press.  If you are a blogger and want to review the books on your blog, register with NetGalley and request them.  Blogging for Books carries books from Image Books.

Only one post for me; a blog tour of a Christian novel.   I did post several comments in response to an article in our local paper.  I'm ruthjoec.


  1. Thanks for hosting, RAnn, and thanks for the shout-out! I've gotten my Catholic books from various sources: free online books, Church bookracks (my former pastor once put out a whole bunch of old books for free), and online bookstores. When I'm looking for a new book, I always check EWTN's Religious Catalogue first; that's another way in which I support the network. If they don't have that book, I try to find a USED copy.
    As for what I blogged about, this has been a busy week. Among other things, I composed a chaplet, added to my Rosary Art Collection AND my Break-Off Collection, started an online club
    and two new blogs, added three chapters to my on-going fanfic,
    "23rd Precinct," and, of course, read, read, read!

  2. Thank you, RAnn for hosting!!!
    We get all our catholic books and gifts at a wonderful local store!

    Be well, friend

  3. We also get all our catholic books and gifts at a wonderful local store, St Anthony's in Greenville SC.

  4. Thanks for hosting, RAnn!

    This week I am linking up two posts: "Do you throw tantrums at God?" and "What is the cost of a child? Priceless!"

  5. Thanks for hosting RAnn! I gave my answer on my blog. Short version - mostly ebooks from online.

  6. Thank you, RAnn, for hosting. I order most of books through from the Catholic Publisher -- I prefer to provide them with the profits rather than a big box (brick and mortar or virtual) store.

  7. Thanks again for hosting, RAnn! I get mine either at a local Catholic bookstore or online from Amazon and Catholic Answers.

  8. I get generally available religious books from Amazon predominantly. I have also purchased from Paulist Press, Liturgical Press, Baronius Press, OUP, Catholic Book Publishing, the USCCB and OSV, all online or catalogue.

    I've visited a new Catholic bookstore - open about one year - associated with St. Leo's in Lincroft, NJ about 40 minutes from my home called The Angelus. Their hours are limited but their selection is broad. I'm in their neighborhood at least weekly if not more often.

  9. I sent in a review to the Catholic Company a month ago and it's not yet been approved. I sent them an email last night to check on the delay - hoping to hear back

  10. I got a response back from Catholic Company " In October, we sent out an email to all Reviewer Program participants about some upcoming changes to the program. I'm sorry if you did not receive the email, and perhaps it ended up in your blocked or spam email.

    The program was suspended at that time, and we will be evaluating how best to proceed with a new program, which will likely not be limited to books. When we have determined the particulars for the new program, we will be sending out a notice to all involved.>>

    I have no clue how I missed out on that email :(


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