Tuesday, September 09, 2008

First Place 4 Health: Chapter 5

Chapter 5 speaks of the importance of prayer in our lives, and the importance of asking God for help with weight loss. A passage that caught my eye said "To lose weight, our lives must be in balance spiritually. The problem is, we seldom thing about weight loss in spiritual terms." Further, the author points out that we need to surrender our weight problems to God because when we yoke with Christ, He bears our burdens. She recommeds using a prayer journal and recommends what she calls the FIRST method of prayer: Focus, Invite, Reconcile, Study Scripture, Trust.

This chapter also discusses the importance of group prayer to this program. The meetings include a time of praying for members' needs and members are asked to keep the needs within the group.

I said earlier that I got the impression that this program was like Weight Watchers with prayer and Bible Study thrown in. I don't know how big the usual group in this program is, but my WW meetings often had 40+ people in them, and generally I saw some people I knew from elsewhere, but I can't say that I ever felt like I got to know people at that meeting. Yes, we all clapped when awards were handed out and we discussed our weight loss challanges, but as far as figuring I really got support from anyone there, I didn't. First Place 4 Health seems much more personal to me, at least as it is presented in this book. If you want to explore the program more fully, the link at the top is to the member's guide.

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