Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Kate's Escape from the Billable Hour

About the Book:
Kate Billings, a burnt-out, second-year attorney working in the dysfunctional world of Big Law, regains consciousness after a late night, career-ending meltdown at the office. Can she scramble to undo the damage? Or does she even want to? 

Kate is a Red Bull-dependent, yoga-hating attorney at Krapp & Lipschitz, L.L.P., Arizona's largest and worst-dressed law firm. At first blush, Kate leads an enviable life. At only 26, she earns a six-figure salary, owns a quaint downtown bungalow, and has managed to shed the 80 pounds that have plagued her for most of her adulthood. 

A devastating performance review by firm partners Krapp, Butts, and Waddleberger, however, calls Kate's chosen career into question. Her confusion is compounded by a stranger’s innocent inquiry: "Are you happy?" Finally, when Kate receives her annual bonus -- consisting of a smoked ham and skin concealer -- she cracks. Upon realizing that she has been passively allowing her life to unfold under the belief that at some point things would just click into being perfect, Kate ransacks the partners' offices, quits her job, and buys a one-way ticket to Barcelona, planning to stalk ("it's not 'stalking,' it's 'reconnaissance'") the Spanish exchange student she has been secretly in love with since high school.

My Comment:
Chick lit meets Big Law.  Which will win?  Will the big money, prestige and all-nighters of the silk stocking law firm win out over the love Kate has been longing for since she was a teen?  Will the partners see Kate's worth and reward it, or will she be yet another associate used and discarded?  Those familiar with the sweatshops that are major law firms will recognize many elements in this story.  Those who love chick lit with its heroines pining for the perfect love while spending money on luxury goods and getting themselves into silly escapades will find themselves in familiar territory too.  What about you?  

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  1. I like the way this one sounds and at 0.99 cents how can I say no. Thanks for sharing!


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