Saturday, March 16, 2013

Sunday Snippets--A Catholic Carnival

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Well, quite a week here.  Last Sunday we celebrated my Dad's 84th birthday with a family crawfish boil, and my out-of-town siblings came in.  It's always good to see everyone and considering that this fall none of us (including him) thought he'd live to see this day, it was especially sweet.

This week our parish had our mission.  The theme was FROG (Families relying on God) and everyone was encouraged to take a stuffed frog home.  The talk Monday was about bringing God into the family and we were encouraged to create family altars. We plan to do that.  My only complaint is that the FROG thing was cute and seemed to be aimed at families with kids, yet 1) few families with kids came, even though the schoolkids were given a "no homework" pass for coming (so mine wanted to go) and 2) there wasn't really anything aimed at the kids who were  there, so mine was definitely ready to leave when it was over.  Tuesday night was confession but I was home in bed with a stuffy nose and the general yucks.  Wednesday night was mass and talk about the Eucharist.  Again, it got long for my eight year old.  

Tonight I want to my Dad's church with him.  Father Oscar Lukefahr, C.M. is doing their parish mission next week and said mass tonight.  He talked the Church using our senses to help us experience God.  Then, on the way home I hit some road debris and ended up with a flat tire.  Luckily, it was on the Interstate, and not far from home. A call to 911 brought a nice motorist assistance guy who changed my tire.  

Tomorrow my daughter's state champion "We the People" team will be selling food to parade goers  to raise money to go to Nationals.  I'm helping too.

What about my blogging you ask?  Well, I reviewed Firefly Island, a Christian novel.   Sandcastle Bay is a general market romance, but reasonably clean.   Love in a Broken Vessel is a review of a novel based on the Biblical book of Hosea.  Six Sister's Stuff is a cookbook and they are running a campaign to encourage families to eat together regularly.


  1. RAnn, thanks for hosting! Hope you are feeling better. I posted - A Mercy That Never Quits; Light in the Darkness - Pass It On; Sabbath Moments - Peace; Deo Gratias - Conclave.
    God bless!

  2. Thanks for hosting, RAnn! I posted about hosting a pair of young men for the night after a confirmation retreat they led at my parish.

    So, anyone adopt Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio in the recent Adopt a Cardinal campaign during the Conclave? Jackpot.

  3. I realized that with my surgery (and delay in getting pics) I never posted my short entry about Theresa's Confirmation.... so here it is better late than never.
    I have some Catholic book reviews coming up soon

  4. Thanks for hosting, RAnn! I hope you're feeling much better now.
    This week, I've shared several items about our new Pope. I also have the latest addition to my Rosary Art Collection, a very disturbing article from India, links to the fanfics I published this week (now all in one post), and, of course, my weekly book list.

  5. I like the "FROG" theme for a parish retreat. I'm sorry it wasn't what you expected.

    Only two posts this week. My weekly goals and a book review of Recall Abortion. (Hint: it left me speechless.)

  6. RAnn, if you haven't seen Father Lukefahr before, you're really going to love him. He is so good he really packs them in.

    FROG sounds like a good idea that fell a little short on application. But the family altar thing is great. We've got a bookshelf with pictures of the Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart, and a Crucifix on it. Great way to be reminded that Jesus and Our Lady are with us.

  7. LOL! I forgot to put up my link!

  8. Thank you for hosting, RAnn. And by the way, your blog is an absolute treasure chest for those of us who are always looking for good tings to read when we get time to do so... thank you for doing it!!

  9. I wrote so many posts referring to the Pope (whom I am falling in love with), so these two posts don't talk about Pope Fracis
    I like the one I published on more secular site the BEST
    This Guy is the Real Deal

  10. Hi RAnn, hope you are feeling better and thank God you were able to get your tire fixed quickly. Nothing like being out on the road alone at night when your car has a flat. It's hard to get children interested in the Mission presentations. What a smart idea to offer the students a no homework pass. We had no children whatsoever at ours. I didn't even bring my son because he had a lot of homework and it was geared to the laity volunteering in church. I enjoyed it but it was not kid friendly in the least. Good luck with your sales!

  11. Good luck at the parade with your sales! I wrote several posts this week on recipes and projects to celebrate Saint Patrick's Day.
    Jen @


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