Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Blog Tour: Candle Bible Handbook

Candle Bible Handbook

About the Book:
Travel through Bible history with this comprehensible exploration of the Bible, following the key narratives from Genesis to Revelation. Perfect as a child’s first Bible reference, he will travel through Bible lands and times and discover how the people lived: the foods they ate, the homes they occupied, the clothes they wore, and the work they performed. There are sections of study questions throughout to further learning, as well as glossaries and FAQs to help understanding.

My Comments:
This is an attractively illustrated book printed on quality paper.  It is done magazine style, with photographs, diagrams, text boxes and inset features.  The only problem I saw with it from a Catholic perspective is that it lacks the Deuterocanonical books.  Each covered book from the Bible gets a couple of pages in this book.  Included on those pages are a short summary of the contents of the book, an outline of the book, study questions, frequently asked questions and often, a feature on something about the time of the book.  The language is simplistic but I would say the book is aimed at the 10-13 age group.  My ten year old grabbed it eagerly but has not picked it up after the initial flip-through.  I think she was expecting more of a story book.  

I'd like to thank the publisher for providing a review copy.  Grade B+ .  

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