Friday, January 15, 2010

From My Reader

There were less than one hundred posts in my reader when I opened it up tonight, but I still managed to find some to share with you.  My kids are spending more time watching TV shows on the computer than on the TV these days.  I know I used to say that one advantage to not having cable was that my kids missed the "opportunity" to see some really awful shows.  Now they don't suffer that lack anymore and MakeUseOf  is saying there is no reason for someone with internet access to pay for cable. 

My dad is really into genealogy so I sent him this post on the origins of last names. 

I only have about fifty books in the storeroom waiting to make their way into my room to the "to be read soon" stack.  They may be joined soon by  Who Do I Talk To? , Hold Up the Sky,and  Spinning Forward,

It's funny the things that run through your mind.  As a teen I loved the Cherry Ames nurse stories.  Carrie mentioned them in her Friday's Fave Five post.  The funny thing is that when I looked at the cover, which has just a head shot of Cherry, I though how round she was.  If you aren't familiar with the Cherry Ames books, they are about a nurse who was of the age to serve in WWII, so this image of Cherry was probably from the late 1930's or early 1940's.  I'm so used to seeing cover models with sharp features, but hers were more voluptuous--but then many of the WWII pin-up girls were more curvy than is fashionable today.

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  1. Thanks for the geneology link, I'm rather interested in that sort of thing myself.


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