Sunday, January 31, 2010

Geaux Saints

It was too cold for me to go out today and enjoy the Men in Dresses march.  What is the Men in Dresses March?  Well, for many years there was a sportscaster here in New Orleans whose name was Buddy Diliberto. Buddy loved the Saints but wasn't afraid to call it like he saw it, and at one point managed to get himself banned from the team plane.  Buddy said that if the Saints ever got into the Superbowl, he'd put on a dress and march through town.  Unfortunately, Buddy died a few years ago, but his replacement, former Saints (and Falcons--but we try to forget about that part)quarterback Bobby Hebert has kept the dream alive.  Well, last Monday morning the local paper ran a picture of Buddy D in a dress and today Bobby, and from what I can tell hearing the radio, far more people than they ever expected, showed up to march through town in dresses.  This town is happy, and between Mardi Gras and the Saints, we are going to have too much fun for the next two weeks.  Who DAT!  

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