Thursday, January 07, 2010

A Sweet Christian Romance: Gentle Touch by Angela Hunt

Gentle Touch (Portraits Series #7)I've posted about several of Angela Hunt's novels.  When I saw Gentle Touch (Portraits Series #7) on Bookmooch I decided to give it a try.  It is a sweet Christian romance novel about a top-notch, efficient but non-emotionally involved oncology nurse and her new boss, Dr. Superwonderful but Touchy-feely too.  Jacquelyn has a great life with things going her way.  She even has a boyfriend who, though he doesn't put her first in his life, is nice to have when he is there.  She is Nurse of the Year at work.  Then he shows up.  Jonah is gorgeous, and all the patients love him.  Instead of efficiently moving them through the process, he talks to them, and gets involved in their lives. They clash.  Then she finds that she has breast cancer.  Guess who she picks as her doctor?  Jonah has some baggage in his past.  It is a romance novel, so guess how it ends?

Like most (if not all) of Hunt's writing, this is Christian fiction.  Part of what happens is that both characters renew their faith and there is discussion of how God is with us in hardship.

Gentle Touch (Portraits Series #7) is a fun light read which never strays far from the standard romance format.

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