Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sunday Snippets--A Catholic Carnival


The most popular Saints in town now are Drew, Reggie, Sean and company.  Hopefully everyone will be happier tomorrow than they are today.  My college roomate is stopping in tomorrow on her way from Mississippi to Houston; since she was in Mississippi she said she wanted to watch the game in NO, and since I live here... This place is Saints crazy right now, I wouldn't be a bit surprised if our closing hymn tomorrow was When The Saints Go Marching In, and I'll bet Father will set a speed record at 6 pm mass,which I'm betting will be most empty.  When I was at the grocery store today, they were trying to convince everyone that they needed to stock up on stuff to watch the game, and they were selling the latest craze--black and gold king cakes, which come with footballs in them rather than babies. It's been a fun run, hopefully it will continue.

I'd like to welcome you to Sunday Snippets--a Catholic Carnival.  It  is a chance for Catholic bloggers to share their best posts with others. It doesn't matter if you blog exclusively about things Catholic or just do so sometimes (like me), you are welcome to join us. Go to your blog and create a post titled Sunday Snippets--a Catholic Carnival and in it, highlight one or more of your posts from this week, with links to the posts. Then come back here and leave a direct link to that post on Mr. Linky. Then go visit the other participants. If you don't post often, you can leave a direct link to a post on Mr. Linky, but your blog should have a link back to this post. Sunday Snippets is a two-way link-up. The idea is to share readers.

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So what did I blog about this week?  If you are thinking about a Bible study for Lent, here is one I recommend.  If you are a blogger, and a reader, I'd suggest you sign up for The Catholic Company's blogger program.  They have a list of books from which you can choose.  You request one, you read it, you post a review on your blog and report it to them.  Chris sends a nice thank you and then  you can request another book.  Sometimes Chris' thank-yous are the nicest part of the process!

I passed out a little Link Love to a couple of Sunday Snippets participants, and if you are looking for something about which to write, join that feature too!  I'm not going to send out weekly emails, but I am thinking of making Link Love a regular Friday feature.

Well, that's it from me.  Sign Mr. Linky with a link to your Sunday Snippets post.


  1. I would SO buy one of those king cakes!

  2. Yea, we're getting one tomorrow before Sondra gets here.

  3. Thanks RAnn, for hosting :) I'm going to check out your links right now. God bless you!

  4. Thanks RAnn. I am learning so much from you and all the other bloggers participating in Sunday Snippets. Links, etc. are great to follow up on. One of my favorites was the link to the scientific background of the Christmas Star I think I got from St. Monica's Tears. Fascinating.

  5. Exciting game, eh RAnn? A real nail biter!
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    * March For Life News Skew - Coverage is usual sub-par, but the cause flourishes anyway
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