Saturday, January 09, 2010

My Rating System

I've debated using rating systems on this blog, and sometimes I have and sometimes I haven't.  One problem I have with rating systems is that they can be like comparing the expensive creative fancy white tablecloth restaurant to McDonalds.  They really aren't trying to do the same thing.  McDonalds markets itself as kid-friendly, fast, cheap, good and consistent.  The fancy place prides itself in the serene atmosphere, relaxed service, creative cooking and knows that it is worth every penny you spend.  So which is the best?  My five year old and I aren't going to agree--but at times, McDs better suits even my needs.  However, I've decided I need a quick easy way to rate books, and I've decided to go with the old school letter grades.  Here is what they mean to me:

A:  Top-notch great book.  Not only has nothing wrong with it, but has something extra to move it from good to great.
B:  Nothing wrong with this book.  I enjoyed it, but there was nothing exceptional about it.
C:  I probably enjoyed this book, but there was something wrong with it.  I may not have liked a character, the ending, the way it treated a group of people; I may have found it inaccurate in important ways--who knows. The other type of book that will get a C from me is one I know is "good" (say a classic) but which I don't like.
D:  A major disappointment to me for some reason, but you might like it.
F:  I don't think anybody will like this book--but then I didn't finish it.

I'll use + and - to try to separate out the better or worse books in each category.  I doubt you'll see many Ds and Fs here, I just don't have time to read books I don't like.

You can see my grades for books I've read this year here:


  1. When I do my stars on GoodReads I have trouble as well. I wish there were half stars.
    5 is an outstanding book, 4 is very good, 4 is good, 2 is I didn't like and 1 - well probably for the books I don't read :)

  2. The grading will be an interesting twist to your blog.

  3. If you don't finish it, then isn't it an F?

    I debate using a rating system on my reviews. So far I have not but I might at any moment.
    Or not. ;-)


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