Issue Posts 2008-2009

Be Not Afraid:  I write about two songs often panned by liturgical purists.

Why I Read;  My response to a blog discussion panning Christian fiction in favor of more classic literature.


Youth Ministry

What is the Church   I look at community vs doctrine

More on Healthcare

Church Closings

Ending Abortion

Maternity Leave

My Take on Attachment Parenting

Catholic Schools

What Makes a Good Book?

Confirmation:  I write about preparation for Confirmation

Should Christian Fiction Provide Answers or Lead Us to Questions?

Bless Me Father for I Have Sinned

Be Careful Little Eyes What You Read:  Should your reading material reflect your moral beliefs?

Banned Book Week:  My opinion is a bit different than many book bloggers

What About the Kids?  I write about reality TV.

Whose Rights?  I look at a judge who refused to marry an inter-racial couple and predict that it won't be long and discussions like this will involve gay couples.

My Pet Peeves About Blogs

Medical Math

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