Issue Posts: 2005-2007

For the most part, I am a book blogger.  I review books.  In the process I may take on societal issues or comment on current events, but within the context of the book.  However, since my blog is called "This, That and the Other Thing", sometime I write about things just because I want to  Here are links to my issue posts from 2005 to 2007.

Because of Vatican II...Or Because of the Times:  I opine in opposition to a view held by some that had Vatican II not happened, the Catholic lifesyle (as opposed to the liturgy) would be more like it was pre-Vatican II.

Are Internet Catholics Normal?  I look at the Catholics I see online and compare them to those I see daily.

Catholic schools and Vouchers

Nursing in Public

What is the Biggest Sin?

Feast of St. Stephen

Celebrate the Season  I write about our pastor's decision that our parish would celebrate Advent, not Christmas, before December 25.

Health Insurance Woes:  My thoughts on health insurance back in 2006.

Special People Came to Dinner:  Celebrating family

Two Sets of China:  I compare old-fashioned hospitality to today's lifestyle.


Open to Life

I Hate Homework

Picking Up Your Cross

Too Much Parenting

Catholics Don't Do That  I look at the Catholic Church's response to people in need.

It Is Ok to Say No. at least that's what Ms. Helium-hand was trying to tell herself.

Kids' Books and Our Reaction

Required Reading

Breast is  Best



Bishop Olmstead and NFP

Mourning  As the mother of an autistic teen I mourn the child I didn't have

I Don't Know What the Answer Is:  How to pay for the priest child abuse scandle.

Judge Not

Keep Saying Yes:  Persistance is a virtue


The Catholic Blogosphere

My Kitchen Floor:  I compare cleaning my kitchen floor to confession

Out with the New, In with the Old:  I talk about the Latin Mass

Teens and Driving:  About my autistic son--by the way, he does drive now!

Just Do It:  More about persistance

Are Things Different Now?  Is violence really more common, and if so,why?

If Tulips Are So Great:  I respond to the sappy piece saying that having a handicapped child is like going to Holland when you wanted to go to Rome--Holland is fine, just different

The Truth about Mardi Gras

C-Sections Caues Problems

Purgatory is Like a Diet

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