2009 Book Reviews

As this is the last day of the year, I'm going to take a look back at my blog over the last year (yea, I started writing this post a couple of weeks ago).

I read a lot of books this year.  Here is a list, click on the titles to read the review:
  1. Off Season Mass market fiction
  2. A Hint of Wicked Mass market historical romance
  3. Knight of Desire Mass Market historical romance
  4. Womenomics Non-fiction. Business, economics, motherhood
  5. No, Never! Children's
  6. Mom Needs Chocolate Christian devotional
  7. Chicken Soup for the Soul: Living Catholic Faith Catholic inspirational
  8. St. Gianna Beretta Molla: A Modern Day Hero of Divine Love Catholic biography
  9. My Forbidden Desire Mass market paranormal romance
  10. The I Believe Bunny Children's
  11. Worth a Thousand Words Christian fiction
  12. The Book of Life Catholic Biblical non-fiction
  13. Maggie Rose Christian fiction romance
  14. Love Equals Sacrifice Catholic memoir
  15. What the Bayou Saw Christian fiction
  16. Devil in Winter Mass market historical romance
  17. Talking to the Dead Christian fiction
  18. Veiled Freedom Christian fiction
  19. Following Mary to Jesus Catholic devotional
  20. Off the Beaten Path Non-fiction travel
  21. Morningsong Christian fiction
  22. The Wackiest Weirdest Wildest Animals Children's
  23. Seduce Me at Sunrise Mass market historical romance
  24. Enemies and Allies Fiction
  25. Chicken Soup: Power Moms Inspirational
  26. Old World Daughter, New World Mother Memoir
  27. Magnificat Catholic prayer
  28. If I Had You Christian fiction
  29. 100 Bible Stories 100 Bible Songs Children's
  30. The Middle Fork Mass market fiction
  31. Parenting is a Contact Sport Non-fiction, parenting
  32. Secrets of a Summer Night Mass market historical romance
  33. She's Out There Non-fiction, politics, women's studies
  34. Four Wives Mass Market fiction
  35. You Make Me Feel Like Dancing Christian Fiction
  36. The Playboy and the Widow Mass Market modern romance--clean
  37. Dance Me Daddy Children's
  38. Annie's Ghosts Memoir
  39. Daisy Chain Christian Fiction
  40. City of the Dead Christian fiction, historical
  41. Critical Care Christian fiction, romance
  42. A Lover's Quarrel with the Evangelical Church non-fiction, religion
  43. It Happened in Italy non-fiction, history
  44. A Passion Denied Christian Fiction, 1920's romance
  45. Mohamed's Moon Christian Fiction
  46. All of Me Mass Market romance, modern day
  47. The Sneakiest Pirate Children's
  48. The Heroes of Googley Woogley Children's
  49. Entertaining Angels Inspirational fiction
  50. Don't Bargain with the Devil Mass Market Romance, historical
  51. The Moment Between Christian Fiction
  52. Silver Birtches Christian Fiction
  53. The Noticer Inspirational
  54. A Gift of Grace Christian fiction (Amish)
  55. The Someday List Christian Fiction
  56. Great Adventures Kidpack Catholic childrens
  57. Along Came You Children's
  58. The Smartest Way to Save Non-fiction, Financial planning
  59. The Reluctant Cowgirl Christian Romance
  60. New York Debut Christian YA
  61. So Not Happening Christian YA
  62. Nell's Cowboy Harlequin Romance
  63. Jantsen's Gift Memoir
  64. The Note II Christian fiction
  65. The Note Christian fiction
  66. Mine Til Midnight Mass market historical fiction
  67. The Lake that Stole Children Children's
  68. Stop the Traffik Non-fiction
  69. Go Back and Be Happy Memoir
  70. Girls in Trucks Mass Market fiction
  71. His Name is Jesus Biblical non-fiction
  72. Flickering Pixels non-fiction, religion, media
  73. Sugar Daddy Mass market modern romance
  74. Lucky Child Memoir
  75. East Garrison Mass Market fiction
  76. The Manning Brides Mass Market modern romance. Pretty clean
  77. Fifty Is Not a Four-Letter Word Mass Market fiction
  78. New Hampshire Weddings Christian Romance
  79. Stranger in My Arms Mass Market Historical romance
  80. Suddenly You Mass Market Historical Romance
  81. Whittaker Family Reunion Historical fiction
  82. In the Footsteps of Paul Inspirational
  83. Yesterday's Embers Christian fiction
  84. Katt's in the Cradle Christian fiction
  85. You Turn--Changing Directions in Mid-life Non-fiction, self-determination
  86. Side-Yard Superhero Memoir
  87. So Long Status Quo Biography
  88. If Tomorrow Never Comes Christian fiction
  89. Bark Up the Right Tree Memoir of a dog
  90. It's A Green Thing YA Christian
  91. Potluck Club: Trouble Brewing Christian fiction
  92. Blue-Eyed Devil Mass Market Romance, Modern
  93. Only Uni Christian fiction
  94. The Measure of a Lady Christian fiction
  95. A Child's Promise Christian fiction, romance
  96. Family Matters Christian fiction, romance
  97. Last Mango in Texas Christian fiction, romance
  98. Animals In Translation Non-fiction, autism, animals
  99. Confessions of a Former Child Memoir
  100. The Lamb's Supper Catholic Biblical
  101. Daniel's Den Christian fiction
  102. The God I Don't Understand Christian Biblical
  103. The Broken Parachute Man Mass Market fiction
  104. Sunday Brunch Christian fiction
  105. Red White and Blue Christian Fiction
  106. Age Before Beauty Christian fiction
  107. The Husband Project Christian, non-fiction, marriage
  108. The Gift of Psalms Christian, Biblical, Prayer
  109. The Puzzle Bark Tree fiction
  110. Scrapping Plans Christian fiction
  111. Gingham Mountain Christian romance
  112. Lost in Las Vegas YA Christian fiction
  113. The Spring of Candy Apples YA Christian fiction
  114. This Side of Heaven Christian fiction
  115. The Flavor Bible Cookbook
  116. Surviving Financial Meltdown Non-Fiction, financial planning
  117. Milk Money Christian short romance
  118. John's Quest Christian short romance
  119. Emily's Hope Catholic fiction
  120. Blood Lines Christian Fiction, thriller
  121. Rex Memoir, Special needs kids
  122. The Red Siren Christian fiction, romance
  123. Blood of the Lambs Christian non-fiction, Islam
  124. Mr. Darcy Broke My Heart mass-market fiction
  125. The Basic Book of Digital Photography non-fiction
  126. Ciao Italia Five Ingredient  Cookbook
  127. The Haunted Rectory Catholic fiction
  128. The First Christmas ABC Book Children's
  129. Home to Holly Springs Mass-Market Christian Fiction
  130. Mrs. Meyer's Clean Home Non-fiction
  131. When the Heart Cries Amish Fiction
  132. The Smart One and the Pretty One mass market fiction
  133. The Broken Road non-fiction
  134. Stop It! Children's
  135. More than a Match Christian non-fiction about marriage
  136. Elmer the Christmas Elf Children's
  137. For Faithful Friends Children's
  138. Inside Out Children's
  139. Visions of Sugar Plums Cookbook (e-book)
  140. The Living End Christian fiction
  141. White Picket Fences Christian fiction
  142. Sanctuary Mass Market romance
  143. It Happened One Night Mass Market romance
  144. Children of Dust non-fiction memoir
  145. Love Finds You in Lonesome Prairie Montanta Christian romance
  146. The Church Ladies Christian fiction
  147. Chocolate A Love Story Cookbook
  148. Thirsty Mass Market Fiction
  149. Can God Be Trusted? Catholic spirituality
  150. Leaving Carolina Christian fiction
  151. Bear Portraits non-fiction coffee table book
  152. One Hundred Butterflies non-fiction coffee table book
  153. Jack Daniels Spirit of Tennessee cookbook
  154. Cheating Death non-fiction
  155. When Everything Changed non-fiction
  156. Permission Slips non-fiction
  157. Laceyville Monkeys children's
  158. Jack's Dreams Come True children's
  159. Love is a Battlefield Christian romance
  160. The Jewel of His Heart Christian romance
  161. A Cedar Cove Christmas mass market fiction
  162. The Matchmakers Mass market romance (clean)
  163. This Matter of Marriage Mass Market romance (clean)
  164. How to Roast a Lamb Cookbook
  165. The Sound of Sleigh Bells Amish fiction
  166. Letters to Rosy Mass Market Fiction
  167. Be Holy Catholic spirituality
  168. Piece de Resistance Christian fiction
  169. Messy Tessy Children's 
  170. Nibble & Kuhn Mass Market fiction
  171. Social Lives Mass market fiction
  172. A Slow Burn Christian fiction
  173. Amish Peace Amish non-fiction
  174. Double Cross Christian fiction-thriller
  175. Seaside Letters Christian romance
  176. A Taste of Fame Christian fiction
  177. The Potluck Club Cookbook Cookbook
  178. The Great Christmas Bowl Christian fiction
  179. Succeeding in High School non-fiction
  180. Sportscaster's Guide to Watching Football non-fiction
  181. The Green Green Pear children's
  182. Death of a Pope Catholic fiction (thriller)
  183. The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society  mass market fiction
  184. Cottonwood Whispers Christian fiction
  185. Cowboy Christmas Christian romance
  186. Plain Promise Amish romance
  187. Mrs. Miracle Mass market romance (clean)
  188. Stray Affections Christian fiction
  189. Three Weddings and a Bar Mitzvah Christian fiction
  190. Never the Bride Christian romance
  191. Sacred Hearts mass market fiction
  192. Cult Insanity non-fiction memoir
  193. Cousin's Prayer Amish romance
  194. Fire of God's Love Catholic spirituality
  195. Already Gone Christian non-fiction re religious practice
  196. The Confidential Life of Eugenia Cooper Christian romance
  197. Rose House Christian fiction
  198. Visions of America Mass Market non-fiction coffee table book
  199. Aurora of the Northern Lights Children's
  200. Bon Appetite Christian fiction/romance
  201. Holy Bullet Mass market fiction--thriller
  202. The Believer Christian romance
  203. Wally the Walking Fish Children's
  204. Indigo Awakening non-fiction memoir
  205. Blue Star Mass Market romance YA
  206. Wounded by School non-fiction
  207. The Moon Looked Down mass market romance (pretty clean)
  208. Read and Share Toddler Bible Children's
  209. Turkey's Treat Children's
  210. Cookie Children's
  211. The Passion of Mary Margaret Christian fiction
  212. Masonry Unmasked Catholic non-fiction
  213. Davey Bighead Children's
  214. Hope of Refuge Amish fiction
  215. Twenty Wishes Mass market romantic fiction
  216. The Blue Enchantress Christian romance
  217. June Bug Christian fiction
  218. The Divorce Party Mass market fiction
  219. Her Name Was Beauty Children's
  220. Things Left Unspoken Christian fiction
  221. A Man of His Word Amish fiction
  222. Benny and Shrimp Mass Market fiction/romantic
  223. Perserverance non-fiction memoirs
  224. Snow Melts in Spring Christian romance
  225. The Last Sin Eater Christian fiction
  226. The Inconvenient Adventures of Uncle Chestnut non-fiction
  227. Surprised by Canon Law Catholic
  228. Falling Into the Sun mass market fiction
  229. Too Too Many Tutus Children's
  230. The Sweetgum Ladies Knit for Love Christian fiction
  231. Sunset Beach Christian fiction
  232. How to Score Mass Market romance
  233. Five Minutes with the Child Jesus Catholic childrens
  234. Montana Rose Christian romance
  235. Imposter's Daughter Graphic memoir
  236. Ransome's Honour Christain romance
Totals: (approximate)
Christian fiction (the main plot is something other than just a romance, though there may be a romantic element)46
Christian romance 25
Mass-Market romance (usually includes racy scenes, but I note when it doesn't--check my reviews to see how racy)20
Catholic: 15
Mass Market fiction (main plot is something other than romance)10
Children's 27
Memoirs 10

I enjoyed my year in reading, but suspect I'll slow the pace in 2010.

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