Sunday, November 25, 2007

More Fluff

I read two fluffy novels this weekend. I read Sisterchicks Do the Hula and Country Brides. Country Brides is by Debbie Macomber and is the story of two women who (gasp) fall in love and get married. One of them kind of reminded me of myself. She had a guy who wanted to marry her, but she didn't want to give up her independence. She was also suffering from a broken heart, which wasn't an issue for me, but I know my husband has told me he would have proposed long before he did except he kept getting mixed signals (probably because I was giving out mixed signals). I did like my independence, but its funny, I never really felt like I lost it when I got married. If I had to pick one best day of my life, it would be my wedding day. Most other milestone days either involved saying goodbye to something like school, or involved at least some pain, like childbirth. I didn't realize it at the time, but I didn't lose anything, I gained a great guy!

Sisterchicks is about two college roommates and longtime friends who go to Hawaii to celebrate their 40th birthday. Between the time the trio (without husbands or kids) is planned and the time it happens, one of them ends up pregnant. Anyway, the book chronicles their week in Hawaii and how they decided to embrace changes in their lives. Its a happy read but has some interesting thoughts in it.

Both are on my Bookmooch list

Friday, November 23, 2007

A Voice from the Past

I was at my dad's house yesterday. I was looking at my parents' wedding album and I found an unfinished letter in it. The letter was dated 11/5/05 and was written by my mother. I suspect it was in the album because they were living at my brother's at the time and I had found the album intact at their house post Katrina and had brought it to her. Anyway it was to a cousin she hadn't seen in years and was kind of a recap of her life since leaving for college. She talked about their Air Force years as being good ones and about moving to Long Beach and falling in love with the place. She talked about her diagnosis and the fact that at that point she really couldn't do anything. I suspect she was going to write more but that's about the time her REAL downward spiral started--not that she had been well for a long time, but she was in the hospital about that time, had bronchitis at Thanksgiving that year, was able to enjoy Christmas but ended up in the hospital for the last time a the end of January, coming home on hospice care.

It was nice to see her writing again; it was kind of like hearing her voice. When I was in college, long distance calls were still expensive, and therefore, at least in my family, pretty rare. Mom wrote to me every week, and I wrote back. Its funny, I asked her to save my letters since I figured they'd be a nice diary of that time of my life, but I never thought to save hers. Now, I kind of wish I had. I miss her so much.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Some Foolishness

I've been trying to write more often, however that often means that I have something less than profound to say. This is something written by someone I knew (slightly--it was a small school, I knew just about all the dorm students' names) in college and we W alums try to suport each other:

Sunday, November 11, 2007

How Much Do You Love Your Spouse?

A college friend of mine has breast cancer. She lives in Honduras and had the lump removed there but decided to come here for a second opinion. She spent last week having tests and meeting with doctors. Her husband came with her. They said that the doctor told her husband "Now is when you find out how much you really love your wife". It is so easy to take our loved ones for granted, but when faced with the possibility of losing them we realize how much they mean to us. All indications now are that my friend will be find, but keep her in your prayers.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

MY pink book

I got a bookmooch book in the mail today. It is Debbie Macomber's Changing Habits and it is about three women who enter the convent in the 50's and 60's and leave in the 70's. Even though all the women end up leaving, the book paints their convent life in a reasonably positive fashion--as opposed to some nun novels that make the convent seem like another word for jail. I enjoyed the book an one day it may be on my bookmooch list, but not right now. You see, this isn't my book, it belongs to my youngest.

When I was opening the package today she was there and asked for the pink book. I gave it to her, figuring that she'd tire of it soon enough, since it is totally devoid of pictures. She took it into her room and picked it up in there and started to read it. I set it down, she picked it up and took it back. I put her to bed and reclaimed my book. I read in bed for a few minutes before leaving for adoration. I left the book on my bed and when I got home it wasn't there anymore. I went into the bathroom and noted that she'd been in there. I went into her room and there next to her on the bed was the pink book. Since I'm finished with it, I guess I'll give it back.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

How is Your Vocabulary?

Go to and take the vocabulary quiz. You not only get to learn how smart you are, but in doing so you donate rice to the UN to feed the poor. My score was 41, what's yours?

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

I Guess I'm on Track

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