Rating System

I give each book a grade of A-F, often adding a + or -.
A=Extraordinary Book.  Plot is original, language is beautiful or subject really grabs me.  Very few books get As.
B=Good Book.  Most books reviewed here will get a B of one ilk or another.  That means I enjoyed the book, as I enjoy most books I read.  Generally a B- means there is either something I didn't like about the book or that the plot is just too formula.  Generally a B+ means I really enjoyed it, but there was nothing about the book to move it into an extraordinary category.
C=A book I didn't care for, usually for a stated reason, but which you might like.  Few books will get this grade simply because I've quit finishing review books I don't like.
D, F  If someone insists of a review of a bad book I suppose I could still give these grades, but I'm a lot more likely to give a DNF and explain why.

I wrote this post about negative reviews.  Generally speaking, books I am not enjoying reading are DNF'd after 50 pages.  Generally speaking, I don't review them; however, sometimes I do and that post should let you know when a negative review is likely.

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