Saturday, January 21, 2006

School Projects

What can I say--I hate them. Right now my daughter and a friend are working on their project for the school social studies fair. Their title is "What Damage Did Hurricane Katrina Do" and it includes a report they spent the better part of a weekend working on, a backboard they spent two days on (one taking the pictures, the other printing them and putting the backboard together) and a model--theirs is of the Superdome. They spent several hours today on it, and they still have to paint it. At least with those two, my contributions have been limited to proofreading, some research direction, chauffeur duty for the photographers and thinking of the Superdome as a relatively easy yet relevant model. They tried to make FEMA trailers out of craft sticks last weekend but they looked more like jewelry boxes than trailers. At least the girls have enjoyed working on the project (and having the excuse to have a couple of sleepovers. Next it will be my son's turn, and he requires more "supervision". What can I say, I hate school projects.

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  1. Anonymous4:57 PM

    SO do I- as a parent AND a teacher!~Janette


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