Friday, March 24, 2006

Long Time, No See (or I guess I should say write)

I've realized that yet again, I haven't been keeping this thing up regularly. It's funny, I read all these mundane day-to-day things on other people's blogs, and I don't think they are wasting my time, yet I just don't seem to know what to say on mine. If I brag about my kids, I wonder if I'm too boastful. If I complain about them, then I'm afraid someone who knows them will see it, and they'll be embarrassed. Its hard for me to strike the right balance.

So what is going on? Well, my daughter was named student of the year at her school, so we are duly proud of her. She was admitted to the district's magnet school for bright kids and is happy about that. We should know this week if my son was admitted to the school to which he applied. The baby is starting to really pick up words and learn that there is power in speech.

My mom died the Thursday after Ash Wednesday, early in the morning, in her sleep. I had been with her Mardi Gras and am so glad I went. I had been there a week before that on a night we thought we'd lose her, but she pulled through. I miss her so much, its so hard to believe she isn't there anymore. Because of Katrina, we had to have her funeral in a church in the next town over, rather than at her church which was destroyed by Katrina. At my Dad's request, I gave the after communion reflection about her and her life, and everyone said I did a great job. I'm debating about posting it here.

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  1. Anonymous4:19 AM

    I'd like to read your tribute.
    I am glad you are posting again. I stop by to see you and the lights were off:>)


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