Sunday, July 16, 2006

Blogs I Read: My Domestic Church

One thing about a blank screen is that you have to come up with something about which to write. I've decided that one topic about which I will write is the blogs I read. The first blog I regularly read was one by someone with whom I used to debate (sometimes on her side, sometimes not) on AOL's message boards. Eleana (or Elljazz as she was known back then) writes My Domestic Church which runs a gamut of topics primarily relating to her family, pro-life issues and homeschooling. We are both Catholic, and both had babies late in life (her more so than me--if memory serves me she was 46 when she had her last baby--who is still young enough that I wouldn't say yet that she's the last) but other than that we have little in common. She's the homeschooling mom of many; I'm the working mom of three. She prefers homebirths; I like epidurals. Even with our differences, I will say one thing--she's smart. I may not always agree with what she says, but she doesn't spout unsupported garbage as fact. She has a lovely family so drop by her blog and meet her and them.

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