Thursday, December 07, 2006

I Got a New Toy

Actually I got two new toys. I got a new digital camera, a Kodak C875, and I got DSL. The camera is great. I liked the Fuji FinePix I bought last year, except that the shutter lag was terrible, so that I had way too many pictures of the back of my toddler's head. I started reading reviews and wanted a camera with a short shutter lag. Of the cameras I could find information stating that they had short shutter lag, this was one of the few I could find (by the time you find the review, the camera has been replaced by an "improved" version--which may or may not be the same in the way you like). I really like it. Now that I have DLS uploading pictures is easier, so I'll show you my two girls.

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  1. I bought a new camera in Oct. We began to have problems with the computer software so it was getting trickier to get the pics off the camera and developed online. Plus I too didn't like the lag time .....
    I ended up with a Kodak EasyShareV603. It has a variety of settings that I played with in Turkey. Some worked well and others not so well... but still better than the old camera.


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