Friday, October 12, 2007

I Got a Bargain!

Today I had to drive to Baton Rouge on business. The courthouse in BR is about 1.5 hrs from my office, if there is no construction and if everyone has managed to keep his/her car from crashing. Between here and there is a large outlet mall. I'd say I average 4-6 BR trips per year but usually they end up being at times or on days when I can't stop. However, as today is Friday, I didn't have to get home to do homework, and I was up there late enough that I couldn't have picked up kids if I had wanted to--so I called my husband to tell him I wanted to stop and shop. Of course I found stuff for everyone but me. My best deal was in the Children's Place outlet. They had a bunch of skirts and tops for $2.99 each. I got some for each of my girls, and they almost match. They each got a leopard print skirt (but the prints are a little different from each othe) and a brown corduroy skirt (slightly different styles) and some matching tops. The girls were excited with their haul, but when I pointed out that lovely feature, my older daughter said she'd never wear matching clothes. I told her every mother got to do that at least once--and that I wanted to get their pictures taken together in matching clothes. I think she'll humor me once.

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