Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Scarlett Thread

Tonite's read was another Francine Rivers' novel, The Scarlet Thread which is about two women in the same family, several generations removed. The modern day one is reading the journal of the one from the 1800's. The book begins with the modern day woman's life undergoing huge change and it ends with her seeing the hand of God in all the pain she underwent during the course of the book. My only beef with the book is that the main character's husband is Catholic (nominally so only in most of the book) and she is Protestant (only nominally so during most of the book) and of course it is a church that helps her get her life back together. When she and her husband talk after that point she make a point of saying she doesn't want a priest to get between her kids and Jesus. Also her husband mentions that he has been to confession, but it isn't until later that he accepts that he is forgiven....Basically it was a good book. I will say one difference between Francine Rivers and many other Christian fiction writers is that her characters do end up in bed together, and their kissing isn't always chaste--but this isn't a bodice buster romance. If you want it, email me, we'll see what we can work out. OTherwise, next time I add a batch to bookmooch I'll put it there.

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  1. Ruth,
    You know I love Francine Rivers, so I would love to "mooch" it.
    I'll be getting Moloka'i back this weekend so your books will go out on MOn or Tues


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