Monday, November 05, 2012

A Gift for All Seasons: My Review

About the Book:
Hiring Patrick Shaughnessy to landscape her new inn was strictly a business arrangement. Until April Ross got to know the war-scarred single father…and his irrepressible little girl. Patrick made it clear he wasn't looking for romance. Neither was April. But could she make him see that some risks were worth taking?
The lively, widowed blonde might be the most tempting woman Patrick had ever known, but the returning vet knew a happy ending wasn't in the cards. Still, that was before April started working her magic on his daughter…and on him. Maybe this Christmas was a time for new beginnings—if Patrick had the courage to go with the powerful feelings April had awakened in him….

My Comments:

Once upon a time we were with a bunch of friends who were married at the same time we were and who had kids about the same age as my older kids.  One night we got talking about what we would do if we lost a spouse--more specifically, whether we thought we would date/look for a new spouse, and if so, how, since we all pretty much said we didn't know anyone to whom we could introduce to a friend our age who was looking for a spouse.  I declared that I did not think I would date.  Simply put, I would not want to get emotionally involved with someone only to find out that he and my kids were not a good mix, and I wouldn't want to introduce my kids to a date before it got serious because I don't think a parade of men through Mom's life is a good thing for kids to see.    There would be time for dating once the kids were grown.

A Gift for All Seasons features Patrick, a single father who thinks much the way I do.  Whether he was using her as an excuse or genuinely felt that way, keeping his little girl from having her heart broken again was one of many reasons Patrick avoided a relationship with April, and in the end, of course, two girls had him wrapped around their fingers. 

I found Patrick to be very human; April seemed kind of good to be true.  Lili, his daughter, was adorable, but what four year old isn't?  

I enjoyed the story, but didn't like the way these folks who were barely getting to know each other headed to bed on the second date.  Of course it was great, but eventually she realized that was the main thing they had, and that she wanted more--no kidding.  

I'd like to thank the publisher for making a review copy available via NetGalley.  It was a sweet predictable read with some unnecessarily crude language (though not a lot).  I'll give it a B-

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