Sunday, February 15, 2015

From My Archives--January 2006--And a New Link-Up

I enjoyed my trip down memory lane last week so I thought I'd do it again and invite others to play.

By January 2006, life was a bit more normal in our post-Katrina world.  My firm moved back into our office and went back to fulltime hours.  Things at my kids' schools were somewhat more normal and you could find places open after five.  Still, it was the pos-Katrina year and my blog posts showed it.

I wrote about two different weanings that were happening about that time in my life.

I hate school projects now, and I hated them then.   Katrina was the topic for my daughter' s big project that year.

I wrote about a then-current subject on many Catholic blogs--whether NFP classes should be required of all engaged couples.  

That year when so many things changed was a year we were especially grateful for friends.

I love research and used to use this blog to share useful links I'd find.  One is a website that helps you reach a real person rather than a computer.  

Since I'm enjoying this trip down memory lane, I'm going to invite others to play too.  The rules:  Pick a month at least a  year ago and write a post sharing your best posts from that month (and maybe commenting on how things have changed).  Then, sign the link-up tool so more folks see it.  It is a great way to re-use old content or to bring new friends into the old days of your life.


  1. Good idea - I've been reading old posts on my blog too lately. I wrote better then.

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  3. Glad to see someone wants to play!


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