Sunday, February 08, 2015

From My Archives

I decided it would be fun to dig through my archives and see what I was writing about back in the day.  While I am now primarily a book blogger, I didn't start out that way--my title should give you a hit about that.  So, what was I writing about in 2005?

I wrote about Catholic schools and vouchers.  The voucher program became reality a few years ago and my daughter's school accepts them, in limited numbers.  They have helped us fill seats and I think being at our school has been a good thing for most of the voucher kids.  On the other hand, schools that accepted large numbers of voucher students, for the most part, have not posted test scores any better than the average public school (and many have done worse).  Also the scores of our local public schools have increased such that most students in our area are not eligible for new vouchers (children already in the program are allowed to continue until they age out of their current school).

Nursing in Public was a subject that was important to me in 2005; in 2015 it is an issue from my past.

If I decided to write about Today's Sin today, I'd write the same thing I wrote in 2005.

I complained about baby items.

I wrote about picking a school for my daughter.  She ended up graduating from the magnet middle/high school and I'm quite sure I made the best overall choice for her.  I wrote about picking a high school for my son.  We ended up at DeLaSalle and it was the worst $15,000 (two years) I ever spent.

I wrote Because of Vatican II or Because of the Times in response to something Elena wrote; I'm still reading her blog and she is still reading mine.  We've "known" each other online for over 15 years; we had little kids then; now I have a college student and one of her sons is engaged to be married.

As anyone along the Louisiana and Mississippi coasts knows, 2005 was the year of Hurricane Katrina.  I wrote several posts about it:   Katrina Pictures, Mardi Gras (I argued that we should not cancel Mardi Gras in 2006, and my view prevailed), Life After Katrina, Embarrassed by Good Fortune and two posts about that Christmas: The Difference the Years Make and The Dark Side of Christmas. 

Back in those days I was using a dial-up connection so pictures were more of a nuisance than they were worth.  I got my first digital camera that Christmas and that's what I used to take those very noisy pictures in the Katrina Pictures post.  My baby is now ten; my other two are 22 and 19.  Still, things aren't that different, are they?


  1. me posts from before I was following you. I should do this sometime...except I didn't start until 2007, so I don't have a nice history like that.

  2. Like Kathleen Basi, I think looking back is a good idea. Thanks for my next post!

  3. I love the look back. I started blogging in 2007 on my personal blog and 2009 on my book one. It's interesting to see how we've evolved as bloggers.


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