Friday, September 23, 2016

Book Review: A Christmas Bride

A Christmas Bride by Hope Ramsay

About the Book:

'Tis the season in Shenandoah Falls and the first time Willow Peterson has been home in years. But she's determined to fulfill the wishes of her recently deceased best friend and restore Eagle Hill Manor to its former glory-all in time to host the perfect holiday wedding. She just has to get the owner of the historic inn to hire her. Unfortunately, that means dealing with Scrooge himself...

After the death of his wife, David Lyndon has a bah-humbug approach to Christmas. But as December counts down and the wedding planning is in full swing, it's harder and harder to stay immune to the charms of Willow, especially when he sees how much joy she brings his eight-year-old daughter. After a simple kiss under the mistletoe turns into something more, David is hoping he can turn the magic of the holiday season into the love of a lifetime.

My Comments:

Willow was recently fired from her high-powered job with a medical supply company.  Neither the company, nor the boss she was dating liked it when she discovered they had a defective product.  Now she is home, licking her wounds and living with her vegan hippie mom. 

In a lot of ways the book is about family.  Willow is coming to terms with her family--she never knew her father and her mom has always been seen by the other people in town as being on the eccentric side.  

David has a beautiful little girl and a mother-in-law that he loves, but he wants out of the inn that constantly reminds him of his late wife.  David's family is a political family and he has been groomed his entire life to run for office. When someone finally asks what he wants to do, he isn't so sure.

The wedding is for a cousin of David, a cousin who dared to challenge the family way and who seems to be doing fine nevertheless.  

As readers we get to watch these characters get to know each other and explore what they want out of life.  The setting in rural Virginia is beautiful and the Christmas season brings added joy to the story.  Like Hope Ramsay's "Last Chance" series, this book involves both bedroom scenes (though not terribly graphic) and church scenes.  Unlike the "Last Chance" books, there are no angels or ghosts in this one.  It does appear to be the start of another series and I look forward to the next book.

I'd like to thank the publisher for making a review copy available via NetGalley.  Grade:  B+

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