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Review: Maggie's Montanta

Review of Maggie's Montana e book

About the Book:

Maggie Abernathy, best friend Judy, and Judy’s two young sons travel cross country to visit John McIntyre and daughter Chloe at their Montana ranch. Maggie’s convinced herself that she’s only making the trip to fulfill her promise to visit Chloe, but once there she can’t help but fall in love with the horses, the land, the ranch, and the Montana ways of life. With Chloe’s loving antics, Winston’s gift, and a handful of wranglers showing her the ropes, will Maggie have the heart to say goodbye?

My Comments:

The story started with Maggie's Way which followed Maggie through a summer of breast cancer treatments, coupled with a divorce from a husband who came out as gay.  That summer she met Chloe, the seven year old who lived next door, and Chloe's dad.  

Maggie's Fork in the Road lets us know that Chloe and her dad are moving to Montana, and that they would like Maggie to move too.

Now, in Maggie's Montana, Maggie and a friend who has two boys who are friends with Chloe drive from Michigan to Montana to spend time on the ranch with Chloe and her dad.  Maggie realizes she has a choice to make.  She can give up what little is left of her earlier life and move to Montana with people she loves, or she can stay in Michigan with her mother, a job she likes less every day, and a gay ex-husband.  Guess which choice she makes?

As the third book in a series titled "Montana Bound" is it easy to predict the ending, yet I can see how hard the decision must have been for Maggie.  I'm at the stage where my chicks are poking their heads out of the nest.  I know that leaving the nest is normal, yet one thing I've enjoyed about today is having my table full with all members of my family.  Change is a normal part of life and I've never considered myself to be afraid of it, yet the older I get, the more I like comfort and routine.  Even going with those I love, I think a move to another community would be much harder now that it was in my twenties.  

One thing I really liked about the series is that it featured a woman about my age.  The book mentions Maggie's hot flashes but also mentions that they were brought on by her breast cancer treatment, so her exact age is difficult to discern.  However, she is the mother of a twenty-something, who suffered from infertility prior to having him, so she must be close to 50.  

If it is important to you, John and Maggie are intimate, but the scene is not graphic.  

I'd like to thank the publisher for making a review copy available via NetGalley.  Grade;  B.  

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