Monday, June 19, 2017

It's Monday, What Are You Reading?


I've spent a lot of the week reading, but the reviews won't be published for some time. I enjoyed most of them and they are on NetGalley, so if you want them...

Two girls in the same class come down the measles.  The one who gets sick first has not been vaccintated because her parents don't believe the vaccines are safe.  She recovers without incident.  The second appears to have gotten it from the first.  She wasn't vaccinated because she was allergic to the vaccine.  She gets much sicker and has long-lasting sequelae.  

I was interested in this book because one reason some parents don't vaccinate (and it is the reason in this book) is fear of autism, and I have an autistic son.  I also have a daughter who I had to decide to vaccinate, or not, after I knew about his autism and after I knew about the vaccine theory.  

The prototypical "beach read" except that the setting is a lake house rather than a beach house.  Get the family together at the family vacation home, secrets are exposed and healing happens.  

Falling in love with a one-night stand, but taking almost a year to do so.  

Next Up:

I've read other Nicole Baart books, most of which were published by Christian imprints.  This is published by Atria, a general market publisher, and is published as "women's fiction".  I'm looking forward to it and I think Baart writes beautiful prose. 

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  1. Looks like a nice mix of books! I especially like the sound of Keep You Safe- so timely with the vaccine debates going on. As someone who had to make that decision I can imagine that it would hit close to home. I hope it handled the issue well. I'd definitely be interested in hearing more about it- will have to watch for your review.

    Have a super week!

  2. I was looking at Little Broken Things the other day. I've enjoyed some of her past books too. Hope you love it!

  3. I have the Novak and Carr books but probably won't get to them for a while. Have a good week!


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