Sunday, May 31, 2020

My Covid-19 Journal

We are now 2.5 months into "Covid time".  The final quarter of my daughter's sophomore year of high school was totally online.  Mass was online/TV only for eight week; now we are allowed to have the church 25% full, but my parish has a lot of old people and we haven't come close to the allowed number. 

When the state moved to "phase 1" re-opening the middle of May we were told to be back in the office.  Honestly, I'd pretty much gone back earlier, it was just easier--and I liked seeing other people. 

Memorial Day weekend my husband and I went to Long Beach Ms. where we at in a restaurant and then we visited my brother and went out in his boat.  It was nice to get out and seem somewhat normal.  They are supposed to decide tomorrow whether we can move to "phase II" or whether we need to spend more time at Phase I.  Using an eyeball estimate, deaths are down from the beginning of the month, hospitalization is down a lot and cases may be down a little.  Phase II will allow daycamps and daycare to re-open which will allow some parents to head back to the office. Right now the parking lot in my building is quite empty. 

Masks are now the order of the day.  I keep one with me.  If a mask-wearer comes in my office, I pull mine up.  I don't generally wear it in the hallways at work--we are quite separated.  I wear it in stores or other public places were I am apt to get close to people, but those "stand here" stickers, tape markings etc. have become ubiquitous. We are asked to wear one at Mass.

My daughter and my son both work in the hospitality industry and both are laid off with no return in sight.  My husband hasn't had a bonus since this all started, but his bonus is a nice extra, not what pays the bills here.  I've been really busy at work and have even gotten some overtime.  Financially my family is doing okay but I wish the kids were working.  My daughter and her boyfriend took a two week trip to Tennessee--the owner of their company owns some vacation cabins and he traded them accommodations and food for some work freshening them up.  They had fun but she's glad to be home. 

All in all, this has been a nuisance, not a tragedy in my family but I'm ready for it to be over.


  1. Went to visit my daughter after 10 weeks without seeing anyone in the family. We were stopped at the state line and informed that we were to quarantine for 14 days for leaving the state. Heck, I have been quarantined for 10 weeks--what is two more? But, then, suddenly the state beaches were open for people who had beach houses---mostly wealthy people out of state. Humm- road blocks are gone.
    We are allowed to go to church-25 at a time- but NO Communion. Groups of 250 are allowed to gather on the beach....if they have some sort of "connection". Furniture stores are allowed to be open, but boutiques are not. Money talks....
    I am helping to gather curriculum for 1st and 2nd grades next year. The 6th grader wants to go to school, even if it is for two days a week and very strange. He just wants to be with people his age. I get it.
    And now we are locked down again---completely---for violence. Our Walmart is closing at four today and Target is closed (those are our only two major stores in town). I get it. I totally understand the protests. I have seen the mess close up and personal with students of color. I would do anything to snap my fingers and make people's badness go away.
    This is one occasion where I am glad my kids grew up in the Army with the attitude of equality. As much as some hate the military, the Army is all about getting everyone ahead.

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