Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The Difference the Years Make

Tonite when we were saying prayers, my daughter prayed that the next few days would pass quickly. I was kind of praying the opposite. Of course, her main role is opening the gifts, whereas mine is providing them. I gave each of the big kids a spending limit and told them they should pick out gifts for their parents, sibs and grandparents. The spending limit basically meant that the gifts were trinkets but I thought it would be good for them to pick out things for others. I did tell Elizabeth that I thought her grandparents would enjoy a Powerpoint presentation about their favorite grandkids. Hopefully Powerpoint doesn't shut off before she finishes. I think we have until the end of the month on our free trial.

I'm just about finished with my shopping, which as I've said before is not easy to do this year due to long lines and shortened hours. I'm off Friday so that's when I'll tie up some loose ends.

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