Sunday, December 18, 2005


I'm an internet research junkie. Actually, I'm a research junkie, but since I live at home and not the library, the internet is how I feed my addiction. As addictions go, its not a bad one to have, as it is a salable skill. I've said before that if anyone in my office needed to know what the price of tea was in China yesterday, I'd have an email asking me to find it for them. Being good at research means that I have to be able to do more than type a couple of words in a search engine--I have to know how to find databases that are likely to have the information I need. I've developed a long list of favorite sources over the years and will be sharing some with you.

One I'd like to recommend if you are trying to learn how to do internet research is . This site has a chart comparing various search engines--and an interactive version of that chart that tells you which engine to use for the search you are contemplating. Another handy feature here is a bibliography composer--great for those school papers when your college style manual is at work and the kid's assignment sheet showing proper bibliography form was left at school.

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