Sunday, October 29, 2006

More Stuff

My dad visited this week. My sitter was off work for the week and he came to watch the baby for a couple of days. He brought a box of "stuff" with him. There is one part of me that wants to just shut the box and stick it on the top of the closet with other stuff I don't want to throw away, and yet that box contains my grandparents' wedding picture (only very slightly flood damaged), my parents' wedding picture (there is a good one in there) my parents' high school graduation photos, pictures of the last family reunion before my paternal grandmother died and more. He even gave me back all the pictures of my kids I've given them through the years. Also, mom (who hated hand sewing) made Christmas stockings for each of us kids, and somehow I've ended up with most of them--flood damaged as they are. I hate to throw them away, and yet I wonder what to do with them. Do I keep them in a box for my kids to find one day and wonder about? How many pictures can I hang on a all before it is too many? If I hang them on the wall they are enjoyable, but if I put them and the other photos in a large plastic box, it will be easy to grab and evacuate with. What do I do with family memorabilia?


  1. After living for seven years in forest fire country- I came to the conclusion that I could empty a certain wall in less than five minutes. I kept an empty rubbermaid container on the shelf for that exercise.
    Stuff though- I definately understand and do not look forward to dealing with that aspect of life.
    I will keep you in my prayers.

  2. Anonymous7:36 PM

    How about scrapbooking the pictures.


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