Monday, October 23, 2006

Special People Came to Dinner

When I started dinner tonite, I started thinking about my last post. I decided that those dishes aren't giving me much pleasure sitting in the cabinet. I was off work today because my sitter is, so I got home about 4:30 (had to pick up my son from school)and figured my husband would get home about 6:00. This gave me plenty of time to get dinner on the table and I decided to use my grandmother's dishes. I figured that we had enough of a head start on homework that I could take the time to hand wash them. When the kids saw the table they asked why I had the fancy dishes out. I replied "some very special people are coming to dinner". The first guess was "Grandpa" and I replied that they were the most special people in the world to me. The dishes survived the dinner without mishap and clean up took only a little longer than usual. I'll have to have those special folks to dinner some other day.

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